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  • January 2014

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  • October 2013

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  • Travel

    April 2014

  • BAHN VOYAGE: Riding the Rails in Germany
  • SPRING MAJESTY: Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings as a Natural Trinity
  • Mexico City: Tales of an Aztec emperor, a Spanish conquistador and a flying serpent
  • A European Weekend in the Desert of Las Vegas
  • Edu-tourism: Learn something new while you vacation
  • Europe’s latest ‘in’ spot: Cesky Krumlov
  • Mexican History, Mexican Art: Touring 4 Great Museums in Mexico City
  • March 2014

  • Memories of Colombia: A booty-shakin’ day at the museum
  • Memories of Colombia: A groovy night at the Cafe Gourmet
  • How an American filibuster helped create a national holiday in Costa Rica
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Custer’s Last Stand
  • Photo Safari in Manitoba
  • February 2014

  • Whale Watching in South Africa
  • A trio of flashbacks to old-world Mexico
  • Olympia—Birthplace of the first Olympic Games
  • Love Boats and Romantic Estates
  • What’s the Mexican folk song Cielito Lindo all about? How about La Bamba?
  • Coming in 2015: A replay of the big battle at Waterloo
  • Value-Added At Sea: Luxury Cruise Lines Add Enrichment Programs to Attract Clients
  • January 2014

  • SANTA FE’S METEORIC ART EXHIBIT: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • 50 years ago in Mexico: Tale of an iguana
  • Yosemite and the 150th Anniversary of National Parks
  • A big day in Higüey
  • China 101: A guide to the Middle Kingdom for the first time visitor
  • ‘Travel is good medicine,’ study finds – so start saving up
  • December 2013

  • Mazatlan’s crown jewel: The Plazuela Machado
  • What’s behind the big holiday in Mexico this month?
  • A Mad King’s Crazy Castles
  • Catalonia: Festivals, Food and Cava
  • 85 Degree and Counting Down to Christmas
  • Tasty Tagines in Morocco
  • Mississippi’s Ship Island lures visitors with sun, sand and history
  • November 2013

  • Good news for cruise passengers: Mazatlan’s back
  • Spanish super-fort wows visitors to Cartagena, Colombia
  • Byron Was Here
    Italy: Romancing Ca’Zen
  • Colombia has lots of parties – and you’re invited
  • October 2013

  • The legend of Mexico’s ‘City of the Angels’
  • All kinds of things you won’t see on St. Barts
  • Cruising Greece, Turkey + Memory Lane
  • Hotel promo to resurrect ‘Miami Vice’ next year
  • September 2013

  • A Visit to Euskadi
  • For high-end train buffs: A long ride across Siberia
  • Tripping Up North
  • In Rome, make time to see off-beat Tiber Island
  • When Travel is like an Epic Poem you’re in the Andaman Islands
  • What in the world is going on in Denver?
  • August 2013

  • Outstanding Improvements on Oahu
    Outstanding Improvements on Oahu
  • Fiji: 330 pearls of the Pacific
  • Bula (welcome) Fiji Airways, ni sa moce (goodbye) Air Pacific
  • SEARCHING FOR GRIZZLIES? Follow the Salmon.
  • Thunder by the Falls
    The Bloody Battle for the Niagara Frontier
  • July 2013

  • Cuba: Not quite Libre yet – but getting closer
  • The Antarctic Peninsula
  • Baja California: Tales of Hernan Cortes, Queen Calafia and Our Lady of Loreto
  • Saintly tales of the Caribbean
  • Denver B+B with a twist
  • Gorillas in the bright sunshine
  • Hard Rock Hotel
    A Desert Oasis
  • June 2013

  • Palm Springs: Moguls, Mobsters and Movie Stars Launched California’s Desert Playland
  • Santa Fe Bite by Bite
  • Bone Voyage:
    Singing praises for Singapore
  • Livin’ it up in the land of La Bamba
  • Last Minute Miami
  • Count the Reasons for Cruising
  • May 2013

    The Floating Dreamboat Club
  • On the Trail of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  • Surprising Indianapolis is Hip, Walkable and Fun
  • Stocks and Blondes
  • How a kidnapped East Indian princess brought ‘the China look’ to Mexico
  • St. Bart’s: From Chris Columbus to Andy Warhol
  • Vegas for Beginners
  • April 2013

  • From feathers to feather beds: A special report from Mexico’s Tianguis travel fair
  • Bone Voyage - Cruising the Black Sea
  • Ketchikan: Follow the salmon to somewhere
  • A vacation on the Spanish Main
  • The Denver You Don’t Want To Miss
  • March 2013

  • A Caribbean adventure on the Wind Spirit
  • Bone-Voyage
    Alaska by Sea and Land
  • Rosita gets lucky in Puerto Vallarta
  • A day in the Sian
  • Just out: A free guide to French castles
  • February 2013

  • Merida: A rich Mayan-Spanish stew
  • Vacationing with Moses, John the Baptist, Christopher Columbus, Captain Bligh and Nelson Eddy
  • Bone-Voyage
    Rounding the Horn
  • A Kitchen Journey
    A Journey to the Magadakadi Pans
  • Two by Two by Too
  • Agra-Culture
  • January 2013

  • Bone-Voyage
    Cunard Memories – a tale of three great ships
  • Xihuacan: From ruins to riches
  • Pedal Your Way Through New Orleans in Three Days
  • Old Mazatlan gives way to Old Mazatlan
  • Seven Contradictions You Don’t Expect In A High Tech World
  • The half and the have nots
  • December 2012

  • 700 Saintly Matchmakers Await Singles in Mexico
  • White ChristmAZ (hint: there’s no snow involved)
  • Drink, Move, Sleep
  • Walking Through Time in Williamsburg
  • Twelve Tips for Cruising Couples
  • Skiing at Stein’s House: Deer Valley Ski Resort Does It Best
  • November 2012

  • Visiting a copper Utopia in Mexico
  • Cruising the Ancient World
  • ICE TIME IN ALASKA: The Call of the North
  • Follow in the footsteps of an artist at “Becoming Van Gogh”
  • Pamukkale, Turkey | This isn’t Frosting
  • 3 Planes, no trains and 1 automobile
  • October 2012

  • The country of New Mexico at altitude
  • Living Local in Gloucester, MA
  • Acres of Sewage and Mountains of Trash
  • Timeless Turkey
  • A Classic cruise on the Med
  • Women on the maps: Who was Charlotte? Carmen? Beverly? Aggripina?
  • September 2012

  • The Castle of Dreams
  • Spend An Afternoon With a Las Vegas Showgirl
  • Surprises in Zacatecas
  • Inside Africa
  • An Afternoon Safari
  • La Malinche: The woman behind the sword of Hernan Cortes
  • Un-tech India
  • Hawaii, You had me at Aloha
  • August 2012

  • Old-time Skagway: ‘Mining the miners’
  • Last song in Mazatlan
  • Miami grows up
  • Riverside Renaissance
  • Cheery Chetumal
  • July 2012

  • Aphrodite and Ixchel: A tale of two goddesses
  • Copan: Central America’s crown ruins
  • A Caribbean quiz: Name those beaches
  • Panamanian evolution
  • Healdsburg ˃ Any other destination
  • Mohawk and the Mad Men: Airline nostalgia for Boomers
  • June 2012

  • Jerash: Rome’s outpost in the Gilead
  • Kenai sampler: A taste of Alaska
  • Puerto Vallarta: Look what they did to the Malecon
  • ‘Welly’: New Zealand’s cool capital
  • Local Cabo Consumption
  • Gulets carve out a taste of Turkey
  • May 2012

  • Litibu takes off on Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit
  • Translating ‘tour talk’: What the brochure really means
  • Berlin by bicycle
  • Ojo Caliente makes the world go away
  • Special report from Tianguis 2012
  • New on the Adriatic: Yoga yachts and cycling cruises
  • April 2012

  • Hiding out in the South Pacific
  • Durango, Part 1: A 130-year-old bonanza
  • Durango, Part 2: Eat, drink, cook
  • A taste of Turkey: Kaunos, Knidos and the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia
  • On the Calypso Coast: Siftin’ sand with Mary Ann
  • Punta Cana: The No-Fuss Getaway
  • Sailing Across the Andes
  • March 2012

  • Cool discoveries in northern Arizona
  • Archaeo-tourists mob ancient Aztec, Mayan ruins
  • Voyages to Antiquity
    KUSADASI, Turkey -- The Aegean Odyssey appears to be the short serving inside a very large white-bread sandwich.
  • Rolling across New Zealand on the TranzAlpine Express
  • St. Petersburg: Let them eat caviar
  • Coming in April: Juan Santamaria Day
  • February 2012

  • On the road to Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Mykonos and Delos: The odd couple of the Aegean
  • Caribbean dancing: Give me that old-time merengue
  • Paradise under a palapa in Yelapa
  • Confessions of a spice-challenged visitor to Mexico
  • The savvy traveler: Tips of the trade
  • January 2012

  • New Zealand, Part 1: A Visit to ‘Middle Earth’
  • New Zealand, Part 2: Mardi Gras Meets Haute Couture
  • They came to Cuernavaca
  • UNESCO spotlights 936 world heritage sites
  • Jan. 21: A big day in Higuey
  • A memo from Madrid: Adios, Fast Good
  • December 2011

  • Playa Espiritu: A WatchBoom exclusive report
  • Tales of the Plazuela Machado
  • King of the mountain
  • On the trail of America’s first Christmas
  • Selling Mexico: ‘Candid Camera’ Meets ‘Taxicab Confessions’
  • Jerusalem comes to Jamaica
  • November 2011

  • Jade Mountain: Paradise under the Pitons
  • Five-star luxury and history in San Antonio
  • The mystery of Mesa Verde
  • Colombia: The ‘Miracle of Medellin’
  • Frontier: Memories of ‘The Boomer Airline’
  • Soaring high above Aspen-Snowmass
  • October 2011

  • Report from the Epic
  • Special hotels offer a taste of medieval Spain
  • Virgins of the Caribbean
  • Soak up the suds in Colorado’s ‘Napa Valley of Beer’
  • Chiapas runs hot and cold
  • Places to write home about
  • September 2011

  • See George Washington’s Philadelphia
  • A visit to Florida’s ‘New Jerusalem’
  • The wonderland of Cappadocia
  • Autumn foliage in Ontario
  • Waiting for you in the Bahamas: Your own private island
  • The savvy traveler: Tips of the trade (Part 3)
  • Baja Baby!
    “It’s not Mexico, it’s Cabo!”
  • August 2011

  • Sephardic Spain: Part 1, Holy Toledo
  • Sephardic Spain: Part 2, Mazel Bueno
  • Crystal Cruises, a small but solid choice
  • Texas raises the bar on spa resorts
  • Biking ‘round the San Francisco Bay
  • Isla Holbox: Stoke your inner beach bum
  • July 2011

  • On Mexico’s Riviera Maya: Reviving the sacred journey
  • I felt like a princess in Hyderabad
  • Voyages to Antiquity: A seagoing time capsule
  • Untamed Thailand
  • Trekking through Africa – in Florida
  • The treasures of Campeche
  • June 2011

  • Hans Christian Andersen: Behind the happy stories
  • East Germany blossoms 20 years after reunification
  • Argh: Pirates rule the Caribbean
  • Beach Bites
  • A trip around the world (thanks to Walt Disney)
  • Todos Santos: A sweet story
  • May 2011

  • Special report from Jordan, Part 1
  • Special report from Jordan, Part 2 (Petra)
  • Special report from Jordan, Part 3 (Desert Castles)
  • Palawan, Philippines primeval
  • A visit to Taipei’s ‘Meeting Place of the Gods’
  • Tune in: Tianguis 2011
  • The savvy traveler: Tips of the trade
  • April 2011

  • The pleasures of Portland
  • Go Vikings
  • El Salvador: The 45 minutes country
  • New in Alaska: Cruising the wilds on small ships
  • Silks for silver: Tales of the Manila Galleons
  • March 2011

  • Return to Vietnam
  • “We are met on a great battlefield ...”
  • Adventure on the Amazon
  • Whale of a tale
  • History comes alive in New York’s old-time taverns
  • Coming soon in Costa Rica: Juan Santamaria Day
  • February 2011

  • A risk worth taking: Visit Bogota, Colombia
  • Disney’s newest ship: Dreams come true for all ages
  • Special report from Bavaro Beach
  • New in Ocho Rios: A jewel of a resort
  • New in Cancun: A gem of a spa
  • Italy’s waterworld
  • January 2011

  • Resort Report: Barcelo Maya Beach
  • Finding France in St. Louis
  • A visit to Tlaquepaque
  • Slow boat between the continents
  • New England in a clamshell
  • The world’s top 10 train rides
  • December 2010

  • Old is new again in Mazatlan
  • High on the Hinsdale
  • What’s new on the Nieuw Amsterdam
  • Swinging in the rays
  • Grenada, a spicey treat
  • Tour of the month: Dresden
  • November 2010

  • A WatchBoom exclusive: Pancho Villa’s secret weapon
  • A Return to Rio
  • The windows of Venice
  • ‘Chilangos’ pick the top spots to see in Mexico City
  • Dishing up your inner chef
  • Edmonton: Cold, but cool
  • Bohemia lives on, thanks to Prague
  • October 2010

  • Culture and casinos up Macau’s ante
  • Mexico shows the world how to party
  • The two worlds of Wales
  • Ich bin ein Berliner
  • The savvy traveler: Tips of the trade (Part 2)
  • The world’s top 10 ferry boat rides
  • September 2010

  • Mexico turns the big 200
  • An awesome foursome in Norway
  • Belize, Southern Style
  • Thai culture gets an adventure kick in Chiang Mai
  • From beaches to battlefields, up the coast from San Diego
  • The savvy traveler: Tips of the trade (Part 1)
  • August 2010

  • River safari making a splash in Costa Rica
  • The wild side of the USVI
  • WatchBoom’s guide to Punta Cana (or, Dancin’ around the Dominican Republic)
  • Heavenly Helena
  • New tours offer a zesty taste of the real Mexico
  • Denver: Fit For A Pharaoh
  • July 2010

  • Sea-chic
  • Riviera Maya Part 1: Tulum is still Tulum
  • Riviera Maya Part 2: Romance on the Riviera
  • Kuna castaway
  • Wales puts out a 7,493-yard-long welcome mat
  • Baby Beluga whales are the summer stars of Churchill, Manitoba
  • June 2010

  • The Architecture of Travel
  • Emerald islet
  • “I might take a train, I might take a plane…”
  • More tales of the South Pacific
  • Sailing across the Andes
  • Merida: A rich Mayan-Spanish stew
  • May 2010

  • Down Under Down Under
  • Guadalajara, Guadalajara!
  • French connection
  • Special report from Tianguis 2010
  • Underwater Oz comes to Cancun
  • April 2010

  • Ship’s log: Costa Rica on the Wind Star
  • Mexican legends live on in Huatulco
  • The ultimate photo shoot on
    Before cell phones doubled as cameras, I traveled light. This trip, I’m packing. A camera.
  • Estrella del Mar Golf Course
    Radio Host Gil Whiteley takes his high altitude game to paradise
  • March 2010

  • Cozumel: Legends of Ixchel
  • Safety, old-time values draw guests to El Cozumeleño
  • Maine Coast adventure begins with a DVD of what to wear, what to expect
  • Temple tripping in Taipei
  • Wreckers, rebels and rumrunners…historic Key West has attracted them all
  • February 2010

  • WatchBoom’s guide to Los Cabos
  • A whale of a hotel comes to Cabo
  • Cyprus: Tales of Aphrodite
  • Island hopping along the coast of Croatia
    Boomers find their way home to this gracious resort—ideal for mulligan marriages or their children’s weddings—this year celebrating 30 years since “The Shining”
  • January 2010

  • The magic of Manzanillo
  • All’s well in San Miguel
  • Dolores and Guanajuato: Hotspots on Ruta 2010
  • Ephesus survives swords, scimitars and silt
  • Tips on shopping in Mexico
  • Head up in the clouds?
    Take a photographic journey with Eric Gemelli in the sky.
  • December 2009

  • WatchBoom’s guide to Caribbean music
  • All aboard the Tequila Express!
  • Meet me in Mazatlan
  • Wanted: Humanitarian tourists
  • Estrella del Mar: Stone’s Throw
  • November 2009

  • Valencia: From oranges to operas
  • Mexico City is back
  • Cosala turns on its magic
  • Middle age and middle America
  • A Grand Canyon Adventure
  • October 2009

  • The treasures of Campeche
  • A walk in the park
    With 25 million visitors a year, New York’s Central Park is the most popular green space in America – and the most recognizable
  • Tips on vacationing in Rome
  • Walk in the footsteps of Mayan kings: Cancun and the Riviera Maya
  • Mexico travel briefs
  • September 2009

  • Ningaloo Reef Romp
    Western Australia’s Coral Coast is a Whale Shark Wonderland
  • Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird…it’s a plane…
    Event Centric travel is 180 degrees different than destination travel. Without the event, why bother? Travel Laureate Kevin Joseph heads to Atlantic City this month, his first time back in 25 years
  • August 2009

  • SEX, DRUGS & ROCK ‘N ROLL…40 years later
    If any one thing defines the Baby Boomer generation, it was Woodstock—that pivotal weekend of music in rain-drenched upstate New York. It wasn’t so much the music that made our parents afraid as it was the fact that we, well, we stayed out in the rain. After all, didn’t your mother ever tell you….
  • A Spaceport in the Sahara
    A journey back to the time of Luke Skywalker, takes Boomer and Journalist Andy Stone to Tunisia
  • The legend of ‘Mama Mono’
    In her modest home outside Puerto Vallarta a woman raised her 19 children while somehow finding time to become an art icon.
  • The Inverness Hotel and Conference Center
    If you really want to impress out of town guests or clients in for a special meeting, this Denver-area gem should be your first choice. If you really, really want to impress then, set up an Inverness Golf outing
  • How to Be a Buff…
    Get Ready America, We’re About to Fight the Civil War, Again
  • July 2009

  • Saints and virgins in the Caribbean
    This tropical paradise has more celebrations than it does grains of sand.
    Vail loyalists return year after year to this landmark dining venue. Take a seat with Mark McIntosh at the front of the house where the electricity is celebratory.
  • Les Ms. does Vegas
    The family Romano hits it big with seniors, boomers and twenty-somethings on an inter-generational Spring Break
  • Islands of the Month: A Greek Trio
  • June 2009

  • BoOm Report from Tianguis
  • Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa: Tales of two cities
  • Hot Lava Java
    Perk up an otherwise low-key day in Hawaii by touring Kona Coffee Country. Journalist and photographer Dawna L. Robertson traces the world’s most popular brew from seedling to Starbucks
  • May 2009

  • Toasting Mazatlan
    Most successful notions get their start because of an unmet need. This Mexican getaway got a boost with prohibition
  • BoOm’s guide to wacky weddings in Mexico
  • Equator, unfiltererd
  • Games and gastronomy
    El Quelite draws crowds to one of the world's oldest games: ulama. Afterwards, it’s celebration time at El Meson
    The Calypso Coast of Costa Rica has a rhythm to life. It’s a beat generations of tourists take away as the more vivid in memory
  • Eden re-written
    Wander around Nayarit in the footsteps of the ancient Mexica and you'll find likenesses of Mexcaltitan on everything from tequila shot glasses to the state's license plates
  • A day (off) in the life
    Shadowing Riviera Nayarit PR rep Richard Zarkin for an up-close and personal tour of the land he’s paid to promote
  • New kid on the beach
    The Riviera Nayarit is sure to live up to the same solid reputation of its older siblings.
  • Health

    July 2013

  • April 2013

  • Get it while it’s hot
  • January 2013

  • Boomer survey reveals likes, dislikes of older vacationers
  • April 2012

  • Can Inflammation Affect Your Prostate Health?
  • September 2011

  • East of Eden, on the Money
  • November 2010

  • Are You Living Life But Missing Life?
  • September 2010

  • 4 Tactics for Faster Results
  • What Is Happening To My Body?
  • August 2010

  • Alzheimer Disease and the Apo E Gene
  • July 2010

  • Do You Need a Cardio Workout?
  • June 2010

  • The Three Major Periods of Life
  • Act Now: Save Yourself Later – Part I
  • Special Needs Planning – What Every Boomer Needs to Know…and Share With Others
  • April 2010

  • The ‘Missing Link’ to Optimal Health
  • Please Step to the Right and Leave the Left Side of the Escalator Free for Those Who Wish to Go Fast
  • March 2010

  • You want them to be HOW big?
  • Three Women in a Hotel Room (To Say Nothing of the Dog)*
    Journalist Jane Earle weaves the story of how a Baby Boomers’ knee put her in the fine company of athletic wunderkinds like Montana, Elway and Kobe…all treated at Steadman Clinic in Vail Valley
  • Beauty and the Best of Us
    Medical tourism is the new buzzword. Cosmetic surgery, the kind insurance doesn’t cover, isn’t cheap in the United States. The same operations can be hugely discounted in Latin America. Lately, boomers have been known to travel to Asia for prescribed treatments like colonoscopies at a fraction of the cost. Some patients fantasize that they’ll recoup on a chaise lounge with an umbrella drink in hand. Others prefer the ruse of coming back looking “rested” vs. ’fessing up they’ve undergone the knife. Still others are attracted to the cost savings
  • February 2010

  • Is there a doctor in the country?
  • January 2010

    “You are obese! What are you going to do about it?” Weight affects Boomers beyond the scale
  • December 2009

  • Boomer’s Parents Experience Holiday “Blues”
    Knowing the signs of and remedies for depression
  • November 2009

  • October 2009

    By the time you reach Baby Boomer age, chances are you may have had or have an issue with your knees. Journalist Jane Earle chronicles her own knee replacement, her rapid recovery, and the joy in being about to peddle her bike again
  • September 2009

    An owner’s manual for the perfect look
  • July 2009

  • Ten Health Fixes That Make Sense for Boomers
  • May 2009

  • Beauty and the career ladder
    Location. Location. Location. Three words used historically to describe the real estate market are more appropriately applied to the precise area that treatment is rendered in an aesthetic medical practice, specifically, body parts. Baby Boomers competing with much younger talents for jobs are teeing up for cosmetic treatments—minimally invasive to The Works—in an effort to remain a force in the workplace
  • Finance

    October 2010

  • September 2010

  • Passing Down Vacation Property to Family
  • To Trust or Not to Trust… That is the Question?
  • Alternative to investing in stocks - Franchising
  • August 2010

  • It’s Like a HEET Wave! Why Boomers Should Consider a Health and Education Exclusion Trust
  • Don’t Get Caught by Catch Phrases
  • July 2010

  • Many Benefits to Utilizing a Family Mission Statement
  • June 2010

  • Boomer Bride Alert! Is Long-Term Care Insurance in Your Prenup?
  • The Problem With Debt, or You don’t deserve what you want
  • May 2010

  • Where Do Your Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Come From?
  • Surging Ahead
  • The Talk Every Boomer Couple Needs to Have
  • April 2010

  • Tax-Advantaged Savings as Your Grandkid’s Graduation Gift?
  • Can Your Will Be Kept Too Safe? Surprisingly, the Answer is Yes!
    Financial writer Eric Gemelli reviews the high stakes theory of holding in an interview with Childrey Investment Partners, LLC
  • March 2010

    Every trade has its secrets: car salesmen know the true cost of a car, painters have shortcuts that make crisp paint lines and finance people know how to finesse the process to pay as little interest as possible. Financial expert Eric Gemelli shares mortgage minimizing secrets with readers
  • The Wedding Prize
    According to The Bridal Association of America, the average 2009 wedding cost $30,860. Author and Baby Boomer Chris Shogren-Thompson, a four-term elected School Board member, a volunteer and the mother of the bride, took the innovative route to get our daughter to YES on LESS.
  • I can do this….can’t I?
    Perhaps you have seen those cute little commercials by E-Trade® that feature the baby suggesting “do some research, diversify our portfolio, and take control.” Surely a one-year-old baby wouldn’t lie, and if a baby can do it…then certainly anyone can. Financial expert R. Lane Farmer weighs the pros and cons of relying on professional investment advisors vs. self-administered investment accounts
  • February 2010

  • Boomers Leave Their Mark on the Next Generation
    Financial columnist Eric Gemelli puts annuities under a microscope, gets the skinny on the product from Tara Fitz and rethinks risk according to Baby Boomers. So should you
  • What Americans Really Believe
    Political observer Lloyd G. Pearcy has given up on media opinion polls as being partisan. Instead, he says, what citizens want isn’t so different today from 200 years ago
  • Boomers must jump on the Facebook/Twitter/ LinkedIN bandwagon,
    or be left permanently out of the loop
  • January 2010

  • At last, a solution for the ‘buttons from Hell’
  • Starting Over
    The economy will start to pick up steam in 2010, Cultural Observer and Luxury Market Expert Michael Aumock is counting on it
  • Panic Rooms Are Not For Stock Investors
    Eric Gemelli forecasted the current economic cycle we’re in back in 2001. His advice: don’t panic
  • When Fractional becomes Functional
    Creative Baby boomers have found the best way to have a luxurious vacation retreat on land or sea, is to share.
  • December 2009

  • Financial Security, an oxymoron
    Love, money and book reviews by MARKET ANALYST ERIC GEMELLI
  • November 2009

    The second home market in foreign places isn’t dead, says Real Estate Expert Peggy Worthington, it’s just slowed like the rest of the global market. That means there are places to go and places to see and places to buy like never before
  • Slaying the Debt Dragon
    Want to get ahead? Do the math ERIC GEMELLI’‘s way. This MARKET ANALYST has a proven system that works for young people and Boomers too
  • Good New in Real Estate Means Higher Single-Digit Appreciation
    Brothers-turned-filmmakers craft a second career, an enviable one at that, out of hunt season
  • Baby Boomer Marketing Case Study: Rock ‘n’ Roll Comes to a Conservative Art Museum
  • Running on empty
    The biggest financial mistake you can make in your baby boomer years isn’t lending your Uncle Joe money for his latest scheme or filing bankruptcy. While those decisions can cause you to kick yourself into tomorrow, arguably the biggest financial mistake you can make is running out of money during retirement. Financial consultant Bob Farmer cautions boomers that time is short
  • October 2009

    The tab for higher education is a little like a movie trailer…it’s not always what it’s pitched to be to the general audience
  • So Much for a Sleepy Summer
    Generally speaking, the Colorado real estate market has seen a bit of a bounce this summer with sales increasing in all categories—from entry level homes and condos to the high-end market
  • Six Forces Destroying Retirement for Baby Boomers
  • August 2009

    When Boomer types are flush with cash, they give, they tithe, they donate some more. How is that changed in the recession of 2009?
    The recession has propelled Andrew Hudson’s little list into a must-read for Baby Boomers.
  • Seven Reasons
    to be a Bullish Boomer Right Now
  • June 2009

    For some Boomers time is winding down. For Author Timothy Ferriss, time is what counts
  • laid OFF in an ON AGAIN world
  • May 2009

  • What is rich?
  • Recycling oneself
    When the economy took down a high flying career, it didn’t take this junior Boomer long to reinvent himself
  • Cha-Ching, Cha-Changes
    This Denverite did take home a lottery jackpot, he has added to an impressive car collection…and learned to just say ‘no’
  • Marketing to Boomers

    —Brent Green on the science he’s perfected

    January 2010

  • Muhammad Ali … from Paladin, to Pariah, to Pitchman
  • Privileged Perspective™

    Steven Zaboji is a veteran of the audio-video industry.

    June 2010

  • The inside view
  • May 2010

  • Transforming the remote control
  • April 2010

  • Privileged Perspective™
    3D: On the technical horizon, again!
  • March 2010

  • Privileged Perspective™
    Acoustical magic
  • February 2010

  • Privileged Perspective™
    Downsizing Home Entertainment
  • Baby You Can Drive My Car

    Wheels reviewed by Jeff Rundles

    December 2010

  • New Book Taps into Hundreds of Boomers’ Heads
    Revised and expanded second edition of How to Love Your Retirement is the most comprehensive collection of wisdom from real people on meeting the challenges and maximizing the opportunities, of this life stage
  • September 2010

  • A tale of three continents of luxury
  • July 2010

  • Are the Americans back?
  • May 2010

  • I am a soccer mom
    A two-week test drive in two minivans – the 2010 VW Routan and the 2011 Toyota Sienna – reconfirm that minivans have a lot to offer
  • April 2010

  • A smorgasbord of cars
  • March 2010

  • I brake for recalls
  • February 2010

  • American economics
    The American car has long been a symbol of American might, and what was waning is on the rebound
  • January 2010

  • Car deals abound, and the best deals are my Cars of the Year
  • November 2009

  • A new era in American motoring
  • October 2009

  • The best kind of car: paid for
    My ’91 Previa and ’89 Accord aren’t shiny new, but they operate beautifully and even over many years the upkeep is cheaper than car payments.
  • September 2009

  • Blowin’ in the wind
    The American Experience, the freedom of the open road, calls out for a convertible
  • May 2009

    The VW defined the flower power generation back then and now the New Beetle redefines our generation.