A+ For The A Line

By Nancy Clark

Start at Point A: Union Station. http://unionstationindenver.com has everyplace to dine.

You can shop:

You can even stay at The Crawford Hotel if you want to turn your journey into a weekend stay-cation.

Most travelers will find a reason to take the A Train when traveling to DIA to take a flight out of town. Take a cab DIA to downtown Denver, it can run $51 plus gate drop fees of $4.57 plus a tip. To the Tech Center it’s $57 plus.

Take the A Train from Union Station to DIA and it is only $9, 8 stops, 23 miles and 37 minutes.

If you haven’t seen Union Station in its finished remodeled state yet, it’s worth the journey even if you don’t test drive the train.

If you do make this your day trip, you’ll delight in the fact that the platform where you land at DIA has half a dozen kiosks where you can print off your boarding pass. There’s a bag drop for suitcases, golf bags and skis. No need to schlep heavy luggage, the only heavy you’ll encounter is to take the four story escalator to the security line. No seatbelts. Like most trains.

Your day-cation on the A Train is fun for all ages. And your round-trip ticket is still only $9 (good for 24 hours.) Most round-trip airport travelers will spend $18 ($9 to and $9 from the airport.) Children under 5 ride free. Discount fares are $4.50 (also good for 24 hours) for seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients and students 6-19 years.

Still uncertain? Get the app: http://free.mytransitguide.com/index.jhtml?partner=^BNH^xdm048&gclid=CMjH8pPIl84CFZOCaQodnxcA6g

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