A trip around the world (thanks to Walt Disney)

A photo essay by Rich Grant


Did you know you can walk from Canada to Mexico – the long way around -- in an hour or so? You can, but few people do it. Most stop to shop or just take in the sights along the way at countries like Japan, Germany and Morocco. The flags of all these nations (and many more) fly over colorful pavilions rimming a mile-long walkway around a lagoon at Walt Disney's Epcot Park, near Orlando.

You can eat and drink your way around the world, too. Each country features regional beer, wine and food. From tequila bars to French cafes, British pubs to German beer halls, you can raise a glass and offer a toast in authentic settings. Can't finish that pint of Guinness? No worries. Epcot's liberal drinking policy allows you to take it with you, sipping a stout as you stroll through the back alleys of Tangiers, or sit by a waterfall in Norway.

I should mention that the lagoon walk is just one of dozens of “wow” attractions peppering Epcot's 300-acre site, one of four major theme parks poking up out of a 47-square-mile fantasyland known as Walt Disney World (WDW for short).

To give you an idea of how big this place is, and how much there is to see and do there, some guides to WDW run over 275 pages. For more info on the fun and thrills awaiting – as they say – kids of all ages (including boomers), visit


As WDW PR director Rick Sylvain is fond of saying, “It all started with a mouse.”

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