By Lisa TE Sonne

In the sweaty thick of the summer humidity and heat, I am imagining terrific AC (as in Arctic Circle) and thinking about what jacket to pack for my September cruise! Poseidon Expeditions offers unique trips on a small, luxury, ice-breaking ship that includes gliding past glaciers in the fjords of Greenland and visiting Inuit villages and Icelandic fishing towns. The night sky promises to flirt with the swirling dances of the Northern Lights and to reflect that colorful romance in waters punctuated with iceberg exclamation marks.


As the ice cubes melt in my tumbler of summer tea, I conjure phenomenal northern vistas that are “cool” in multiple ways! How cool is it to be a polar explorer with the modern amenities and cozy comforts!

The m/v Sea Spirit travels with retractable fin stabilizers, an ice class ship with stabilizer fins hull, crew of 72, and a navigational flexibility that separates current day passengers from the discomforts and danger that threatened historic polar explorers. Up to 115 other passengers and I will be onboard to weave between gargantuan icebergs pushed by winds and tides to witness remarkable changing scenery. In Greek mythology, Poseidon is protector of seafarers. In Homer’s works, Poseidon is Master of the Seas. This will be my first adventure with Poseidon Expeditions.


My “Arctic Sights & Northern Lights” voyage will leave the greens of Iceland and head to the whites of Greenland, to explore the largest and longest fjord system in the world. We start in Reykjavik, Iceland’s dynamic capital, and cruise to the West Fjords of Iceland. We’ll visit traditional fishing villages, then head through the Danish Straits and north of the Arctic Circle.

While on land we expect to encounter musk, artic hare, and archeological sites of the Thule (the ancestors of the Eskimo, aka Inuit), and hike toward vistas with peeks 2,000 meters high. We will visit a modern Inuit village called Ittoqqortoormiit, to meet the people and to greet the Greenlandic sledge dogs. I look forward mailing cards from the high latitude post office.


We are also slated to spend five days exploring Scoresby Sund, the largest and longest fjord system in the world. Poseidon Expeditions promotes the destination on its website: “This part of the voyage is a real expedition. Our route and exploration opportunities here are heavily dependent on the weather and sea ice conditions we encounter. Our experienced captain and expedition leader … continually adjust plans as conditions and opportunities warrant.”

Long before Christopher Columbus introduced North America to southern Europeans, the intrepid traders of northern Europe (aka Vikings) were populating Greenland. The seafaring conquerors left enough remains in North America to fuel mysteries and debate.


In the King’s Mirror written circa 1260, a father tells his son, that there are three reasons people go to Greenland—“to win fame, to satisfy curiosity, and to gain wealth.” ** I don’t expect fame, but my curiosity is abundant, and the traveler’s true wealth of experience and tales-to-tell await!

For nearly 18 years, Poseidon Expeditions has focused on the Arctic and Antarctic circles. The company also has a modern nuclear powered icebreaker, the Victory that takes guests straight to the North Pole. The website offers maps, testimonials and packing lists. You can even take a 360 degree, 3D virtual tour of the North Pole:


And now I realize- I don’t even need to pack a jacket! A thick red “expedition one” tailored for the climate and adventure is a part of the package that I can take home. Long past the summer heat here, when Winter chills set in, I can warmly be embraced by the red parka as I embrace the unforgettable memories!

The ice cubes in my glass have now melted in this summer heat, reminding me that, with the rate that polar ice is melting, now is a good time to go!


It’s not too late to get cool---

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** This quote is from “THE FROZEN ECHO, Greenland and the Exploration of North America, ca. A.D. 1000-1500,” by Kirsten A. Seaver

Author Lisa TE Sonne has explored all 7 continents, is a member of the Explorers Club, and co-founded which offers wonderful “Giving Certificates” as gifts that can let travelers give back to the causes they care about.

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