BEER for the 1%

By Rich Grant

At One Mile High, the “other” recreational pastime has gotten a lot of press lately. The newest legal and recreational additive has, for the moment, outshined the fact that Colorado is regarded as the epicenter of craft beers on a nationwide scale. Some folks haven’t forgotten that fact, especially the leading authority on beer and travel, Rich Grant, author of the popular blog

The blog features beers that Grant has imbibed on journeys around the globe—authentic and compelling reasons to exercise one’s passport and footwear. It’s the people’s beer in rare and memorable destinations.

Photo by Rita Mosina.

Grant explains the impetus for his blog this way: “For people who love beer and travel and (wisely) don't want to drive, these articles explore how to get around by using public transportation, bikes and your own two feet...with great suggested pubs to stop at along the way.”

Grant calls Denver home. For 30 years, he served as director of communications for VISIT DENVER, The Convention & Visitors Bureau. Over the years, he’s done his due diligence to identify his 10 Favorite Beers in Denver and the surrounding metro area. A part of the enjoyment, says Grant, is the venue that comes with the beer:

1.       Tropical Snowdance IPA at Platt Park Brewing

2.       Breckenridge IPA at Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton

3.       Breckenridge Lucky U Nitro (in cans!  Or you can get it at Breckenridge Brewery too)

4.       Incredible Pedal IPA at Denver Beer Company 

5.       Chin Wag cask conditioned ale at Hogshead Brewery

6.       Pils at Prost Brewing Company

7.       London Calling cask conditioned IPA at Wynkoop Brewing Company

8.       The Tower ESB at Bull & Bush

9.       5:00 Afternoon Ale at Renegade

10.   Denver Pale Ale at Great Divide

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