Mexican History, Mexican Art: Touring 4 Great Museums in Mexico City

Mark Chesnut, founder and editor of

During my most recent trip to Mexico City, I visited several of the top cultural institutions, including two of the newest art museums in Mexico City, and one of the most famed anthropology museums in the world. These photos show some of my favorite visuals from these attractions (and if you’d like to see more from some of the most celebrated Mexican artists, check out the photos from my visit to the Casa Azul, the home of Frida Kahlo, and the Casa Estudio Diego Rivera – Frida Kahlo).

1. Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Museum of Anthropology)
Reportedly the most visited museum in all of Mexico, the National Museum of Anthropology  — which sits in Chapultepec Park — is considered one of the best anthropology museums in the world. Its striking architectural style, which dates to the 1960s, is the perfect backdrop for an extensive collection that ranges from pre-Hispanic artifacts to exhibits about Mexican history and current rural Mexican culture and life. Top attractions here include the Aztec Stone of the Sun a 24-ton artifact that was excavated in Mexico City in 1790. Plan on a full day here if you really want to take it all in.

2. Museo Nacional de Historia (National Museum of History)
Also in Chapultepec Park is the National Museum of History, which is housed in the beautiful Chapultepec Castle, a structure built in the late 1700s that perches nobly atop a hill overlooking the rest of the park. The museum highlights various stages of Mexican history, with clothing, furniture, artwork and documents.

3. Museo Soumaya (Soumaya Museum)
One of the most striking pieces of modern architecture in Mexico City, the Soumaya Museum is a must-see for art-lovers. This Mexico City museum opened in its current home in the upscale Nuevo Polanco neighborhood in 2011 — and it’s hard to miss this building, a $70-million, amorphous silver creation made from 16,000 hexagonal aluminum plates. Inside, you’ll find nearly 70,000 pieces of art from the personal collection of Carlos Slim, who by some counts is the richest man in the world.

4. Museo Jumex (Jumex Museum)
Just across the street from the Soumaya Museum, the Júmex Museum is one of the newest museums in Mexico City. Opened in November 2013, it exhibits rotating pieces from the Colección Jumex, one of the largest private art collections in Latin America (the first museum space is set at the corporate plant of Grupo Jumex, a major producer of juices and other beverages in Mexico).


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