Pamukkale, Turkey | This isn’t Frosting

Photos and travel log by Beau and Megan Wynja, owners of

Making our way to Denizli, the textile capital of Turkey, we couldn’t resist taking an afternoon to check out Pamukkale. This may look like a field of snow or frosting, but it’s actually natural mineral terraces made from hot springs. You can wade and climb your way up from the valley to the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

The texture is really interesting on bare feet, kind of like climbing on a huge smooth pumice stone with coral patterns. Our feet are now nicely exfoliated.

The Romans built a city on top of this structure, so people have been bathing in these same pools for thousands of years. The key is to not go up there until after 3 PM when all the tour buses are gone. It was also a week day which probably helped. We were really surprised that nearly all the crowds in town were with organized tours, so when the buses leave you almost have the place to yourself. We’ll spare you all the historical details and leave you with a bunch of photos, enjoy!

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