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Rajasthan literally means Land of Kingdoms, today this region of India remains an intoxicating travel experience as it has through history. Rajasthan is located in the Northwest portion of India, most of which is encompassed by the Thar Desert.  Within this seemingly inhospitable climate lies incredible ancient cities filled with forts, palaces and town centers.  The travel experience in Rajasthan can range from the lavash luxury of hotel palaces to the adventure of getting lost in the narrow winding streets unchanged for centuries.  The brown, arid backdrop serves a canvas for all the saturated colors of the local women's saris and the painted buildings, making it a photographers dream.  The local culture is warm, hospitable and filled with character. The visual imagery is in stark contrast to the high tech industry that India is known for. Photo journalists and international business owners Meggan and Beau Wynja travel the world to bring product to their online market of interiors for travelers, World Effect designs fair trade and socially responsible home decor and furniture from around the world.  Global interior design services are also available at World Effect Studio

  They have captured their travels in pictures—more than 60,000 photos from 55 countries they’ve visited— one of which being Rajasthan. Below, they share it with readers of www.WatchBoom.com.













 A traditional Rajasthani guard of the Mehrangarth Fort in Jodhpur, India



The last remaining rug weaver of a rural village in Rajasthan.

Saturated of the traditional dress in Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Shepherd near  Udaipur, India

Cows roam the streets freely.  Jodhpur, India


Locals love their sweets in India.  This is a typical vendor cart.  Jodhpur, IndiaRajasthani farmer, Dhawa, India

A view of the clock tower from rooftop dining.  Jodhpur, India

The old town of the

Local man sitting in front of a Hindu Temple.  Jodhpur, IndiaAuto-rickshaw in the




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