Walking safari features 17 days in the African bush

By Bob Schulman

It might be quite a stretch, but try to imagine yourself beating the bushes around an African jungle with a hunting party of Maasai warriors. Also, try to see yourself exploring a park full of lions, leopards, cheetahs, black rhinos, elephants, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, 200,000 zebras and a million or so wildebeest.

Elephants roam across the Serengeti plain.

If you can get that down, picture yourself tracking dinner with a group of Hadzas (one of Africa’s last hunter-gatherer tribes), teetering on the edge of a 2,000-foot- deep volcanic crater and spending four whole days moseying around the foliage (and critters) in the Serengeti Wilderness Area.

Packaged by International Nature and Culture Adventures (INCA), all these jaunts into the bush and many more are featured in a 17-day walking safari called “Secrets of the Serengeti (http://www.inca1.com/secrets-of-the-serengeti/overview/).” The safari, set mainly in the east African country of Tanzania, is slated for next Feb. 10 to 26.

Maasai women model their everyday dresses.

“While there are many high points of the tour,” an INCA spokeswoman notes, “walking in the Serengeti Wilderness could well be the most rewarding.” Much of the journey, she says, is in “untracked bush that has rarely been visited in the past 50 years.”

Safari guests rough it in the bush during the day, but they spend their nights in luxury lodges and tented camps.

Tour guests take a break with their Maasai guide.

INCA's journey starts with a visit to Tarangire National Park where herds of up to 300 elephants can be seen along with oryx, gerenuk, hartebeest, Kori Bustard (the world’s heaviest flying bird) and ostrich (the world's largest flying bird). Among other adventures before entering the Serengeti National Park is a stop at Lake Manyara National Park to view the famed tree-climbing lions and thousands of pink flamingos.

Wildebeest have the right of way across a stream.

You wouldn’t expect a trip like this to come cheap, and it doesn’t. Emeryville, Calif.-based INCA’s tab starts at $22,495 per person for two guests, $17,995 each for four to five guests and $14,995 per person for eight. Included are private charter flights from the Serengeti Wilderness Area and Kilimanjaro International Airport, but you’re on your own for flights to Africa and back.

Photos courtesy of African Environments

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