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COOKE TAKES 1st in Catalonia competition

In December, 2014, the Catalonia’s G! Awards committee awarded Anne Z. Cooke First Prize for a pair of stories about cultural and adventure travel in Catalonia, or as the committee put it, “for the best tourism communication in print.”  The stories, entitled “Hello Dali, and much more” and “Brava Costa Brava,” were distributed by Tribune News Service (then the McClatchy Tribune News Service) and subsequently printed in Sunday travel sections at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and 47 other publications in the U.S., including the Miami Herald and Chicago Tribune; and in 400 associated websites. Featured Writer: Patricia Alisau Featured Writer: Patricia Alisau

So smitten with Mexico that she turned a one-week vacation into a 20-year sojourn, Patricia Alisau has traveled just about every inch of the country on assignment for U.S. publications. She’s traveled four continents into 40 different countries engaging her in exotic locales and attitudes, which she thoroughly enjoys. Her stories and photos have been published by The New York Times, Newsweek, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and global news agencies such as the Associated Press, United Press International and Reuters. She’s earned writing credits in Mexico’s Vogue and National Geographic plus Mexicana and Aeromexico in-flight magazines. Her byline has appeared in W, Successful Meetings, TravelAge West, Travel Weekly, Hotel & Motel Management and Fodor’s. German, French and British magazines also have featured her work. Now residing in San Antonio, Texas which she calls “Mexico north of the border,” she believes she lives in the best of both worlds with her frequent jaunts to Mexico to savor her favorite spicy salsas and chimichurri sauces.

Alisau is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and the Texas Writers League.  

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